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Adding this low-cost bio-stimulant to your program is a sure fire way to not only start saving money on your other input costs but assist in reducing your irrigation requirements.

With a lot of sports fields, golf courses and governmental grounds running off directly into natural waterways and storm water systems, PyroAg® conducted a peer reviewed toxicology study through the University of Newcastle to ensure it’s safety in these circumstances. The study was to evaluate the impacts of PyroAg® on aquatic and terrestrial biota. The results of these investigations demonstrated that PyroAg®, used as directed, is unlikely to pose a risk to beneficial non-target organisms at agriculturally/environmentally relative concentrations.

“Reduce your input costs by up to 75%”

More over, it showed increases in earthworm cocoon and juvenile production where PyroAg® was present compared to their corresponding controls without PyroAg® treatment. Both the experimental soils exhibited an increase in the microbial diversity with the PyroAg® addition than their corresponding controls. Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) in particular. For the full run down please visit http://www.pyroag.com/pyroligneous-acid-pa-evaluation-of-impacts-on-aquatic-and-terrestrial-biota/

“Environmentally friendly, naturally”

Over the last 2 years One Earth Qld have had the pleasure of working with Mr Andrew Glen, the course superintendent at the KDV Sports Complex on the Gold Coast and owner of Organic Turf Solutions. KDV is a 100% organic complex. Yep , you read that right, 100% organic!

Andrew and his team have successfully shown that with the right biological programs and practices in place, you can work WITH nature and the natural biology to achieve outstanding results. The outcomes are not only aesthetically pleasing but environmentally friendly. Andrew has estimated a 75% reduction on input costs compared to traditional turf management programs. You can view a 3 min video we made with Andrew or the full 18 minute interview in the media section on this website.

“Increase natural resistance to pests and disease”

Andrew’s vast experience in turf management, across numerous continents, and a genuine passion for looking after the environment has led to his new venture, “Organic Turf Solutions”. For loads of information on how it all works and the services Andrew can provide you, head over to http://organicturfsolutions.com.au/

Andrew also holds regular workshops and information sessions that anyone is welcome to attend. He has developed a close relationship with “Koala’s on the Greens” which is an amazing initiative that is creatively connecting community with biodiversity. They are forming admirable relationships with numerous golf courses that will see the courses play a key role in providing safe havens and food sources for the Australian icon. KDV Sports Complex is a shining example of this with Andrew making the most of any available space to plant habitat for the Koala’s. Be sure to pay Koala’s on the Greens FaceBook page a visit if you’d like to know more. https://www.facebook.com/koalasonthegreen/

“Reduce irrigation requirements”

Glenn from One Earth QLD talks with Andrew from KDV Sports Complex about his journey to having the first 100% organic input managed turf sports centre in Australia.

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