PyroAg® has been evaluated by BFA, NASAA and NOP certifiers. PyroAg® has been given approval as an allowed organic input. PyroAg® is also GMO free.

“Promote healthy growth and yields”

Firstly congratulations, then brace yourselves, for finally coming across what many organic producers are declaring to be the missing link in the wonderful world of organic, biological and regenerative farming methods. As far as bio stimulants go, PyroAg® is proving it’s place in a vast array of industries and growing mediums.

Although PyroAg® can be used as a stand-alone input (in some circumstances), years of positive in-field trials and continued investment in peer reviewed university studies have shown strong evidence that when PyroAg® is applied adjunct with other naturally derived inputs there is considerable increases in the diversity and population of beneficial microbes. In particular, PGPB’s, or Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria. Other exciting study results showed a significant increase in the number of and survival rate of juvenile worms.

“Feed healthy soil bacteria & microbes”

We have also conducted numerous field and pot studies into the colonization of Mycorrhizal Fungi when PyroAg® is present. The results are nothing short of amazing compared to the control, where no PyroAg® was used. It’s any wonder we are constantly receiving such positive feedback.

“Strong deterrent to pests and snails”

Vermi, fish, kelp, composts, tea’s, live cultures etc are all perfectly safe to use with the addition of PyroAg® but for peace of mind a sample mix is always advised. We always suggest diluting PyroAg® to half your cart/tanks desired capacity first before adding these other natural inputs. This is purely for a bit of reassurance, but it is not considered essential. We also strongly suggest mixing only what is needed for a particular application to avoid storage/wastage of mixed solutions as expansion is common.
Please visit to view the results of studies carried out by The University of Newcastle. What started out primarily as a toxicology study has led to amazing discoveries that PyroAg® are following up with further studies. Keep your eyes out for the results as they come to hand.

“Increase natural resistance to disease”

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