Having spent the last 30 years in around the landscape and horticultural industry, OEQ can personally vouch for the numerous benefits PyroAg® can provide throughout these industries, both commercially and domestically.

Everyone has seen the marvel of regeneration that occurs after a bush fire event. Imagine if you could have access to products that harness this process/gift and make it available to use as a low cost natural input. Well, you can, PyroAg®.

“Enhance fertiliser uptake”

From seed soaks or belt sprays for better strike rates, assisting pre & post planting soil conditioning, enhancing composting activity and microbial balance to save turn-a-round time, to enhance plant establishment programs and the continued maintenance of these spaces, these are just a few of the many benefits PyroAg® can provide.

I, personally, have had great success in the establishment/re-establishment of large scale trees and shrubs, both nursery grown and relocated (varied) species. As I’m sure you are aware there is often considerably high costs involved when dealing with large or established plants. Purchase, transport, machinery costs and labour to name a few. By giving your soil biology the ideal conditions they need to thrive in, from the start, and nurturing this same biology in the early plant establishment stages (in particular), you are ensuring your outlay/expenses are a once off.

“Strong deterrent to pest & snails”

When aesthetics are the utmost of importance, PyroAg® will help you ensure a flourishing garden space, from the get go, that you and your clients will enjoy for years to come.
If you are in the Nursery industry please don’t hesitate to give OEQ a call so we can explain how PyroAg® can work for you. Increase seed germination, improve propagated strike rates, decrease your pot to pot times, assist in pest and disease infiltration.

“Establish, nurture & maintain”

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Our mission is to assist you in reducing your overall costs of production whilst increasing your yields, in a way that nature would approve.

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