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Here at One Earth Qld, we are just as committed to the home growers and gardening enthusiasts of the country as we are with our commercial customers. There is nothing on the OEQ website that isn’t relevant or adaptable in our own back yards.

“Environmentally friendly, family friendly, naturally”

Whether it’s making your gardens the envy of all your neighbours or assisting you in growing some of the healthiest, most nutritional and flavoursome produce you will ever consume, PyroAg® is a must have input in the back shed. Enhance and stimulate your soils natural biology so the microbes do a lot of the hard work for you.

“Improve composting activity for faster results”

When you work with nature and nurture the soil biology you will be rewarded with amazing results that require less manual work, less watering, little to no need for dangerous herbicides, insecticides, pesticides or fungicides and best of all it will leave you guilt free.


“Strong deterrent to pests and SNAILS”

PyroAg® is as environmentally friendly as the worm castings at the bottom of you compost or worm farm. It is the perfect adjunct to fish emulsions, kelp concentrates, composts, tea’s and all the other natural inputs.

Diversity is one of the keys to life. A more diverse soil biology will always work in your favour and PyroAg® is here to help YOU achieve this. It will assist you in achieving natural balance in your soils diversity.

Don’t hesitate to give One Earth Qld a call for more information.

“Certified organic input”

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Our mission is to assist you in reducing your overall costs of production whilst increasing your yields, in a way that nature would approve

"Supplying for a sustainable future" is not just our motto, it's our passion.
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