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PyroAg® have spent the last 5 years fine tuning this biological stimulant to ensure the end user that it is safe to use throughout all growing mediums, customised fertigation/irrigation systems and climate-controlled scenarios. Every batch undergoes thorough testing and quality control measures throughout the entire production process. PyroAg® have the strictest guidelines of any commercially produced wood vinegar on the market, and they are met every time.

“Improve nutrient levels in fruit and Veg”

“Reduce synthetic chemical use”

With amazing results in a vast list of crop types we are confident that adding this low cost low ratio bio stimulant to your program will have you producing stronger healthier plants, improved yields, tastier produce in faster time and at a reduced cost of production. Of course we can’t forget a stronger, healthier plant will ultimately defend itself more successfully against pests and diseases. Yep, PyroAg® will help you out there too. It really is an unbelievably versatile input, so what are you waiting for, give us a call.

“Safe to use through all fertigation systems”

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Our mission is to assist you in reducing your overall costs of production whilst increasing your yields, in a way that nature would approve.

"Supplying for a sustainable future" is not just our motto, it's our passion.
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