Conventional farmers are proving to be the biggest winners when they introduce PyroAg® to their programs. With substantial savings on overall input costs accompanied with improved yield weights and quality, the benefits just keep coming.

“Improve seed germination”

Growers have seen amazing results in the reduction of soil alkalinity, higher moisture retention at greater depths, increased carbon count and far less pest and disease in root zones.

“Assist plants with saline soils & frosts”

PyroAg® will not only improve the efficacy of applied inputs, it is also proving to assist in “unlocking” a lot of the beneficial minerals and nutrients that have been locked up in the soil after decades of synthetic chemical use.

An allowed organic input without the organic price tag. PyroAg® is naturally derived, sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is opening the eyes and minds of generational farmers who are seeking new ways to reduce their synthetic use, thus improving the overall quality of their soil, long into the future.

“Strong deterrent to pests & snails”

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Our mission is to assist you in reducing your overall costs of production whilst increasing your yields, in a way that nature would approve.

"Supplying for a sustainable future" is not just our motto, it's our passion.
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