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PyroAg® is a versatile, low cost biological stimulant that is suited to all crops and in all growing conditions. It is used throughout many varied broad acre systems/programs across Australia and has proven to assist in the reduction of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilisers and other Agri inputs.

“Assist your crop to uptake the inputs you’re providing”

Some producers are reducing these other inputs by up to 50% or more and achieving similar or improved results. There are some producers that have even removed certain chemicals from their programs all together.

Considering you can add PyroAg® to your program from as little as .75c a hectare, isn’t it time you or your agronomy team looked into how PyroAg® can work for you?

“What’s your annual input bill? How much can you save?”

With reports coming in from Grain and Fibre producers across the country ranging from less to no snails, reduced insecticide use, reduced to NO fungicide use, dramatically reduced Nitrogen use and far less herbicide use, it is no wonder growers are seeing very positive increases to their bottom line with regular applications of this inexpensive bio stimulant, PyroAg®.

“Promote healthy growth & yields”

NB:  Input reduction % based on regular PyroAg® applications, as directed, over time and in conjunction with existing programs. Growers are fine tuning all input ratios to suit their requirements with some PyroAg® ratios as low as 1ml per 2000ml.

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