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One Earth Qld is a family owned and operated wholesale and retail supply business located in Valdora on the picturesque Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

Glenn and Martina Finlay are in their 15th year of blissful marriage.  Together they have 3 wonderful children and do their best to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.  Having moved from the Northern Beaches of Sydney some 20 years ago, it was inevitable that they would settle and call the Sunshine Coast their home for life.


They say if you can make a living doing what you are really passionate about, what you love and enjoy doing, then you should bloody well go for it!  That is exactly how One Earth Qld has come to be. 

Glenn and Martina are undeniably passionate to do their bit to help improve the methods used to produce the food we eat and the gardens we grow, on the only planet which we can live.  Supplying for a sustainable future!


Glenn has over 25 years of experience in the landscape/ horticultural industries, accompanied with over 15 years of experience in transport and logistics.  He has studied and completed numerous nationally accredited courses which have all lead him to pursue One Earth Qld.

“I am fully committed to doing my part in bringing balance back into the way we go about our day to day lives.  If my family and I can provide a service that contributes to the health and well being of not only us, but nature as a whole, then I will be a very happy man.  Natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly products is a massive step in the right direction for a brighter future”.


Martina is a loving, dedicated wife and mother to Glenn and the kids.  She is determined to provide the best possible future for her family and is really excited to be a part of building One Earth Qld.

Martina also works full-time in Early Childhood Education and is currently furthering her qualifications to assist kids with special needs.  “It may sound far-fetched to some, but I believe a lot of today’s health and social issues are directly linked to our lifestyle choices.  The food we eat, the hygiene products we use, the water we drink.  Synthetic chemicals are everywhere.  That’s just my opinion but the proof is definitely becoming more prevalent”.

“We have always been very conscious of what we feed our family.  We have been fortunate to be a part of a local organic co-op group for around 7 years now.  I can honestly say it has had such a positive impact on our family’s lives.  Having an opportunity to help spread the word and actually supply products that will benefit everyone and everything is amazing”.

Our mission is to assist you in reducing your overall costs of production whilst increasing your yields, in a way that nature would approve

"Supplying for a sustainable future" is not just our motto, it's our passion.
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